Late Night Update

Price Shopping For A New Hard Drive

My Office Setup

A Safe Walk

A Big Surprise

My Mom

My Subway Trip

Rant of The Day

Late Night Update

Random Thoughts

3 Days In His Presence Setup

Lillian and Ivy-Maria in Uncle’s Office


My Nieces

Chronic Pain & Medications (Part 3)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Part 2)

My Disability (Part 1)


Snow Day

An Update

Trailer: Vlogging is Never Enough

Merry Christmas Everyone

Ivy’s Gift

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Lilly and Ivy Sing Christmas Carols

Singing With Oma

Sinterklass Dag #3

Sinterklaas Dag #2

Sinterklaas Dag #1

Halloween 2010 #4

Halloween 2010 #3

Halloween 2010 #2

Halloween 2010 #1

Karaoke: She Bangs

Karaoke: How Great is Our God

The Minnesota Dykstra’s Visit Lake Ontario

When Will The Corn Be Ready

The Dykstra’s Get Ready To Rumble

Ivy-Maria Puts Up The Tent

Lilly and Ivy Play With The Water